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Attribute Extraction and Enrichment

Businesses often struggle with the labor-intensive and error-prone process of manually extracting product attributes from various unstructured sources such as images, PDFs, and text files, which can lead to incomplete or inaccurate product data. Solution Commerceflow uses advanced AI and machine learning models to automatically extract and enrich over 50 different attributes from a range of data sources, ensuring all product data is accurate, comprehensive, and compliant with any customer-specific schema. Benefits Reduced Manual Efforts: Significantly decrease the time and resources spent on manual data entry. Increased Data Accuracy: Minimize errors in product data, enhancing reliability and trustworthiness. Improved Product Listings: Rich and detailed product listings provide better customer experiences and support informed purchasing decisions.

Image Optimization

Producing high-quality, compliant product images that meet varying channel-specific requirements can be time-consuming and costly, especially when dealing with large product catalogs. Solution Commerceflow automates the enhancement and optimization of product images, ensuring they meet specific requirements such as size, background, and quality standards for different e-commerce platforms. Benefits Streamlined Image Production: Quickly generate multiple image variations from a single product shot. Channel Compliance: Ensure images meet all retailer-specific and channel-specific standards. Improved Customer Attraction: High-quality images significantly enhance product appeal and potential buyer interest.


Creating engaging, accurate, and SEO-optimized product content that captures customer attention and ranks well on search engines can be challenging and resource-intensive. Solution Commerceflow leverages generative AI models to enhance product titles, descriptions, and feature bullets, ensuring they are not only SEO-friendly but also tailored to highlight key product features effectively. Benefits Enhanced Search Engine Visibility: Improved SEO leads to higher visibility and increased organic traffic. Greater Engagement: Captivating product content increases customer interest and engagement. Boosted Conversion Rates: High-quality, relevant content drives conversions by better meeting customer needs.


Ensuring consistent and accurate product data across multiple sales channels and marketplaces is a constant challenge, requiring ongoing vigilance to maintain brand integrity. Solution Commerceflow provides real-time monitoring and validation of product data against predefined standards and schemas, enabling proactive management and immediate correction of discrepancies. Benefits Continuous Compliance: Maintain consistent standards across all platforms. Real-Time Updates: Quickly respond to and correct data inaccuracies. Enhanced Brand Reputation: Protect brand image by ensuring reliable and consistent product information.

Powerful Solutions

Commerceflow leverages advanced AI and machine learning to create optimized product content from any source - PDFs, Images, Web Pages,  Text and Excel.
Connected Data

Easily publish your enhanced data to PIM, MDM or other product data platforms, ensuring consistency and compliance

AI-Powered Transformation

Our AI models, trained on over millions of  products across 5000 categories, enrich, enhance and optimize your data, tailoring it to your specific taxonomy and schema


Input any unstructured data from various formats including PDFs, images, html, web pages, text files, xml  and spreadsheets

How It Works

Commerceflow simplifies product data management by integrating into your existing process flow

Proven Scalability and Track Record


Products Processed


Industry Awards


Images Processed


AI Models

Attribute extraction from PDF, Text, Image, Web Page, Excel, Documents

SEO Optimized Content Generation - Title, Descriptions, Features, Benefits, ad copy, posts

Custom Content Models

Product Data Quality scoring

Product data verification

Multi-lingual Content Generation

Image Extraction from PDFs

Image background correction

Watermark detection

NSFW Content and Image Detection

Logo Detection

Product graph generation & search

Integration to PIMs and MDMs

Extensive Product Features

Product Data Management, Redefined

Navigate the complexities of digital commerce with Commerceflow’s advanced AI platform. Commerceflow not only streamline's your data processes but also ensure that every product detail is optimized for performance and compliance.
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