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Using Commerceflow

Step 1 - Upload your File 
  • Start with uploading a product catalog as a csv file. To do this, Click on the Upload button.
  • Upon uploading, specify the column that contains the image URLs
Step 2 - Choose your Product
  • Select the category of the images. The AI model can currently extract attributes from images of furnitures such as chairs, sofas, tables and Cabinets and Clothing such as Tops and Shirts
  • Select the product that you would like to generate content for.
  • If the AI recognises the Product, the Product Attributes box is populated.
  • You can edit/delete and add attributes within this box.
  • To help Commerceflow generate great product content for you, please provide as much product information as possible. Attributes such as Brand, product category,color, material of construction etc help create rich content. Please enter the attribute values in the following format. <Attribute name>  is  <attribute value>. Eg: Brand is breeze. You can also delete attributes that you feel are unimportant. 
  • “Product Attributes” forms the seed for content generation.
  • When you are satisfied with the Attributes, click on “Generate Content”
  • At the bottom of the page, you will see content for Product Title, Features, Description and Blog Posts.
  • Based on the Content Generation Settings, you will see multiple options for each content type
  • Each of these options are editable.
  • If you would like to copy the content to another app, you can click on the copy icon
  • Click the ‘+’ sign to make a selection. The selection will appear on the Canvas.
Step 3 - Change the Attributes
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