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Real Success with Real Data

Explore how businesses revolutionize their product data management with Commerceflow

Fortune 10

Aggregating and Scaling Catalog

Industrial Manufacturer

Standardizing Product Data Across Channels


Rapid eCommerce Enablements 

Fortune 50 Home Goods Retailer

SEO Optimized Content And Images

Proven Impact Across Industries

From rapid product onboarding to enhancing search visibility and compliance, discover how our clients leverage Commerceflow to transform their digital commerce operations. Each case study highlights specific challenges, solutions provided by Commerceflow, and the impactful results achieved.

Ensuring High Quality Product Data Across channels for a 

The Challenge

With over 10,000 products faced challenges in making their products available across multiple eCommerce channels due to the time-consuming transformation of unstructured data from documents, PDFs, and excel files

The Solution

Platform streamlined the process, enabling the manufacturer's small team to enhance and distribute product data across channels efficiently.. The product content team enhanced data, mapped it to multiple channel requirements, and enhanced product images, significantly improving product availability across channels.


The manufacturer saw a rapid increase in product availability across channels within 30 days, leveraging the enhanced data to drive sales and reduce time to market.

The Challenge

Rapidly add  millions  products from market place sellers to catalog and reduce item setup time.  The existing workflow was estimated to take 3 years and involve 3000 people, making this a significant challenge.

The Solution

Automated the product data categorization and enrichment process and accelerated item setup time. The platform utilized custom AI models tailored to the retailer's taxonomy requirements, significantly speeding up the product onboarding process


With Commerceflow, the retailer successfully onboarded over 20 million products, reducing setup times from 45-60 days to just 5 days. This efficiency gained led to a substantial increase in sales and productivity, with a measurable impact of over $100 million.

Scaling Product Catalog at Fortune 10 Retailer

Ensuring Content Consistency at Fortune 50 Home Goods Retailer

The Challenge

A Fortune 50 home goods retailer faced significant challenges in maintaining consistent product content that adhered to a single brand voice across their extensive catalog. Additionally, they needed to standardize incoming product images to ensure uniform size, background, and optimal product visibility, which was crucial for maintaining brand integrity and customer experience.

The Solution

Commerceflow was deployed to address these issues through its advanced AI-driven platform. The platform processed over 3 million products, employing automated content generation and image quality optimization. Commerceflow's robust APIs facilitated these tasks, enabling the retailer’s team to complete the process in just 2 weeks—a task previously estimated to take several months.


By automating content and image standardization, the retailer not only met but exceeded the critical requirements set by the business and merchandising teams. This transformation allowed them to maintain a consistent brand voice and visual presentation across all product listings, significantly enhancing the online shopping experience. The efficiency gained through automation freed up valuable resources and allowed the retailer to focus on strategic initiatives rather than manual adjustments, proving crucial in scaling their operations effectively.

The Challenge

A regional distributor with over 100,000 products from more than 1000 suppliers needed to quickly enable multiple eCommerce channels. The manual aggregation of product data from various sources into a new PIM system was time-consuming and costly.

The Solution

Model's fine-tuned to the distributor's custom schema, enabling rapid product catalog building and PIM updates. The enrich and enhance features of Commerceflow significantly reduced the time to incorporate all products.  Commerceflow's data aggregation and validation capabilities allowed for rapid updates and integration with the distributor's Product Information Management (PIM) system.


The time required to incorporate products into the catalog was reduced from months to weeks, enabling the distributor to capitalize on the rapid growth of eCommerce channels and significantly increase revenue.

Seemless Supplier Onboarding at a Regional Distributor 

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